Live Worship

Kids Care

Kids Care at Woodbury Lutheran Church provides care for infants and toddlers (through age 3) during weekend worship. Our goal is to share the love of Jesus with children and to make their first church visits positive. 

What to Expect

Our Kids Care rooms are designed to provide safe activities for infants and toddlers. We have a loving, caring staff committed to providing a great experience for your child.

Family Resources


  • Your child’s safety is important to us. At check-in, your family is assigned a code printed on your child’s name tag and a corresponding security tag that you keep.
  • For your peace of mind, all of our volunteers have been trained and screened and are ready to care for your child.

Well-Child Policy

We ask that you keep your infant/toddler at home with any of the following symptoms and/or illnesses:

  • Fever greater than 101.5                             
  • Runny nose           
  • Questionable rashes                                     
  • Coughing          
  • Diarrhea                    
  • Impetigo
  • Active Chickenpox
  • Measles
  • Mumps
  • Conjunctivitis (pink eye)

If your child is being treated with antibiotics, he/she should be on the drug for at least 24 hours before coming to Kids Care.

If your infant/toddler has a continually clear-runny nose or rash due to non-contagious allergies, please let us know at check-in. We realize that some symptoms hang on long after the child is no longer contagious. Remember, we want all of our infants/toddlers to remain healthy and happy. 

Recommended Books for Parents and Kids


Questions? Email Nancy Schubbe for Valley Creek, Molly Schulze for Oak Hill, Todd Breiholz for Liberty Ridge or call 651-739-5144.